Web Design and Development

Creating Web Site for Los Angeles for over 15 Years

At our Core we are a web development and design company. This means we know how web technology works so, here’s how we make the front-end work for us:

  • "Pretty Code"Hand Coded Markup, CSS and Scripts
  • Mobile first responsive design
  • HTML5… Let’s face it, great HTML Markup matters.
  • CSS3 first DOM Design. !
  • jQuery or Emacs JavaScript. Either way! We use what’s best for your site.
  • Image formats are optimized for size and use.
  • Cross browser best practices always employed.

All this leads to a super fast front end, optimized for efficient code.

We also know back-end as well and create our work based on a LAMP stack:

  • Linux OS Bash helper scripts for common server tasks: cron jobs, log parsers, etc.
  • Server Admin with Bash, WHM, and Virtualizor
  • Apache mods utilized for security and mod rewrite.
  • Custom Database queries, triggers, normalized tables for MySQL
  • PHP code for complete integration.

Whether your website is business, personal or project based, all of these core competencies give us a superior understanding of development and design to deliver you a site with optimum performance.

Specializing in WordPress®

We specialize in developing and designing WordPress sites. Using the Plug in Diet ! (a reduction in the use of plugins) eliminates overhead and excess code.

Here are just a few of the tools we use and some of the services we provide.

  • Parent Theme: Genesis by Studio Press.. !
  • Child Them: Dynamik by Cobalt Apps.. !
  • Install and customize your theme.
  • Develop custom themes or skins.
  • Custom development of Plugins,Post Types,
    Taxonomies and Walkers.
  • Implementation of the REST API
  • Woocommerce and shopping carts
  • Basic WordPress Sites starting @ $500!

We Can Manage Your Site

We build it, we can manage and host it. Managed Hosting (MH) ! is another service we can provide which allows you to reap the benefits of optimum performance, security, email stability and control. The MH package consists of the following:

  • Content Updates
  • Check Traffic
  • Check Access and Error Logs
  • Safely Update WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Anti Spam Measures & DOS Prevention
  • Domain Health Watch
  • 24 hour Technical Support Response
  • Core File Backups and Version Control

We offer this for a low monthly fee and can add features and full backups at an additional nominal price.

A long time ago in a land far far away the internet was a cold dark place. Populated by engineers, nerds and geeks. We watched Veronica ride gophers across the web retrieving information. Our time was spent hacking, which had a whole different meaning, our 5-line Mustang BBS. –We know, we were there.

Services like Prodigy and AOL opened the gateway to the public and they liked what they saw. In 1993 Mosaic, later called Netscape, brought multimedia into web documents creating a web explosion. Both personal and business Websites became the norm, everyone wanted a dot com. –We know, we were there.

A lot has changed since those early days. New methods and technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and Mobile have made the web more exciting than ever. Upcoming innovations are like candy to us. Please allow us to share our enthusiasm for the web with you as we would like to be your traveling partner to the furthest reaches of net. –We know we will be there!

On behalf of Web Confectionary we would like to welcome you to what we call “Candyland”.